Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Feed does not have Subscriptions by Email Enabled

Maybe you just added this real cool looking email subscriptions widget and can't wait for the emails to start flooding in. However after testing it you get the following message:

The most obvious solution on a lot of sites offered regarding this topic would be to enable them on your google feedburner account. Log in with your google account and then click on the site you have installed the widget on and then go to the publicize section of the feedburner account. On the left side you will find several services including Email Subscriptions. If it does not have the V in front of it you have to enable it by clicking submenu Subscription Management. In here you will see an ACTIVATE button. Click on it. 

For some this would do the trick. However in my case it did not. So if that is also the case with you then read what helped for me. 

It is of vital importance that you fill in the correct google feedburner ID. 

When installing the cool looking email subscriptions widget it will ask you to replace the ID used in the HTML code with your own feedburner ID. The correct one is the name that comes after:


In this case that would be Chrichtonsworld.

Within the HTML code you will have to edit this (replace xxxxxx with your feedburner ID) into the following lines:

There you have it. Now it should have solved the issue. (Please do keep in mind that I intended this for use within Blogger.And people can subscribe to you like they should. (Speaking of which please subscribe to mine and I will guarantee you won't regret it.) 

Review Ant-Man (2015): Holy panic, Batman. If Marvel keeps going strong like this we at DC will never be able to catch up!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction, comic book adaptation, superhero,

Ant-Man is one of those super heroes in the Marvel Universe that I kind of ignored and did not know that much about. I knew about his abilities and understood that those would appeal on the big screen. But even then I was pleasantly surprised how this latest Marvel movie turned out.

Without a doubt this is easily one of the best in the franchise. There is not one boring minute in this one. Right from the second it starts it propels you into the adventure. Ant-Man is also the most comedic one but at the same time manages to give the characters and the events the dramatic depth they need. While Ant-Man technically has a less urgency factor to it you would not realize this since they way this film is directed you do feel a lot is at stake. And it does depend on how you look at it. We are with our main character from the start and even more so if we discover why he went to jail in the first place. It automatically makes you root for him. Especially when you see him together with his incredibly adorable daughter. His wife shows no understanding for the situation he is in at all and if you ask me lacks a moral compass that I think many people suffer from. And by that I mean that one should look beyond breaking the rules and the law. People should focus on what is right and not always blindly follow rules. Believe it or not, sometimes rules are wrong and unjust. That his wife of all people is incapable of looking him the same way as his daughter does says more about her than him. The same could be said about the social commentary. Have you realized why most ex cons fall back into the life of crime? Usually because they are given very little choice. Ant-Man addresses this briefly but never in a way that it detracts from the spectacle.

Spectacle indeed. It is a feast for the eyes. It's hard to get impressed these days since we more and more are getting used to it. But Ant-Man sure delivers. CGI and live action are blended in a way that all of it looks real. Even the ants. There are some scenes you even mourn for the loss of the creatures when they die. To make you care about insects that look the way they do must have been real hard to pull off. The abilities of our super hero are masterfully combined with some well choreographed fighting resulting in scenes we have never seen before. A lot of attention is payed to the details in almost every element of film making which shows. You can tell that Ant-Man is made with love. I never wanted this movie to end. I did not even realize that when it did that two hours had passed.

Ant-Man gave me a lot of adrenaline and made me remember why I love movies in the first place. Marvel is going strong and after the slightly disappointing Avengers: Age of Ultron they have reassured me that the future movies in the franchise are going to provide us even more spectacle and fun. I wholeheartedly recommend you to watch this in the cinema. Like now!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My thoughts on Grimm Season 4 and the finale Cry Havoc (Obviously SPOILERS)

Grimm has come far and while mostly good it has been a rocky and uneven road. Now season 4 has finished and while having enjoyed the finale I am not entirely sure if I will be following it anymore.

Since Grimm is made by the same producers of Angel it is very easy to spot how similar both shows are. However where Angel was getting progressively stronger Grimm keeps struggling to maintain the high level of superb drama. And instead falls into soap opera antics that for me at least detract too much from my pleasurable viewing experience. On top of it the producers don't even try to make the monster of the week story lines to be compelling or interesting. They are just there as fillers with no consequence or particularly lasting effect on the main stories. For me they were so awful that I took a long break from watching the show. Until I saw some highlights by accident. Since I am a very curious fella my interest was peeked and started watching again. Where I kept at it even when at times I had to skip certain parts to avoid getting bored. 

One of my grievances was Nick losing his powers and then getting them back again. I don't know about you but it's a tiring plot device since most of the appeal of shows like these is the fact that these supposedly normal human beings have extraordinary powers. You know that if for some reason they get removed they will get them back. In Grimm this fact lead to the introduction of Trubel. Nick's niece who also is a Grimm and who seems to be far more efficient as Nick and the start of a story line that aggravated me a lot. 

In order for Nick to get his powers back Julia and Nick have to recreate the exact steps of Adelind's actions where Julia temporarily is transformed into Adelind. At first I thought it was highly inventive to play around with these characters but in hindsight I am not entirely happy that they did this. Because all of the above somehow has made Juliette turn into a Hexenbiest. Which again I thought was quite the twist. But then they had to mess up a potential and touching love story where if chosen that path Nick would have proven his unconditional love for Juliette. What can I say, the romantic in me would have liked that so much better. Instead we get a Juliette who acts like an immature teen but gets worse every second she is on screen. To a point that she is fully evil and obnoxious. This tale might have worked for Angel but even when he was evil he was still likable. Juliette always had been a character that did not add that much to the show. Of course they tried to get her involved her more and more which logically speaking made sense however I think they went overboard with it. Juliette as Hexenbiest was too far removed from the character she was. Which I could have accepted if we follow the theory that it is the beast inside her taking over. But what about Adelind? Despite her being conniving and evil her character has stayed consistent. If I am remember it right she has never lost control like Juliette did. Juliette on the other hand went from a nice and friendly person into a real bitch. Naturally I can understand the anger or frustration to have been put in her position. Only when Nick and his friends repeatedly tried to help her as much as they could she destroys them (emotionally) every chance she gets while she has no trouble siding with the bad guys who basically are at the core of why she has become this monster in the first place. This simply does not make sense. Of course dramatic wise it's unnerving and maybe even shocking. If only they tried to reach that effect by writing a story that would fit the character better. 

Look, I do like it when they stir up things like these as it does get to you and in the end is one of the reasons why shows like these are a lot of fun. What I can't overlook though is how inconsistent and uneven everything is written. Nick's mother for the whole duration that she was in the show was a bad ass. Am I supposed to believe that someone like that can be taken out that easily and totally not be on her guard? Granted when I saw the box I had a suspicion they were going all mafia on us and I cried out of devastation and sorrow for Nick. For the first time we have seen Nick lose it and it was a powerful moment. Now I braced myself to see Nick go all Rick on us and kill every man and beast in sight. But how does it play out? Nick stays calm and doesn't really kick that much butt. I was like why? Here was a chance to show how dangerous he could be like they did in season 3. It was the perfect moment and it would have been immensely satisfying. Nope. Nothing of that. We just get to see Nick being calm and composed and completely boring.  Speaking of which what happened to the enhanced Nick story line? Did they just drop it? It was one of the most interesting things they did in the show. 

Then the death of Juliette. Hooray! Not going to lie, I was saddened by it a little bit. It was a strong moment. But at the same time I was happy. Only I have would have been happier if enhanced Nick would not hesitate to crack, crush, slice and dice her into little pieces. Then to realize what he has done and weep to his lost love. I told you ever the romantic. 

So here we are at a crossroads. Should I give this show another shot? Or should I forget about it completely. I honestly don't know. I guess the first few episodes of season 5 will have to help me decide this. But please, please, don't bring Juliette back. If you do then I am done with this. Or if you have to do that then please do make Adalind Nick's new love interest. Hey, if you are going soap then go full soap!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Review Wayward Pines (2015 -): It could have been truly compelling but is lacking and therefore feels underwhelming!

genre: mystery, drama, science fiction

Wayward Pines has a very big Lost vibe except it is not nearly as compelling and good. It's decent and entertaining enough once you get into the show but it's very flawed since it is lacking in many areas. 

One of the flaws is failing to build up suspense and tension properly. It took me three episodes to get into it and then before I knew it something was revealed that completely took away the mystery that I was looking forward to unravel meticulously and slowly. Maybe I am the first to say it but I would have not mind for this show to have more to it than what I got exposed to. It felt so underwhelming and almost pointless. Not to mention that even within the show's universe and logic that none of the events in the first episodes made any sense. Because those events are just there to put you of course. They are red herrings. And I would have accepted all of that had they managed to kept things mysterious at least for a while longer. I kept hoping that there was more to Wayward Pines but if anything the ending of the show is proof that if there was going to be a second season it would basically be a rehash of the first season with lesser actors. 

Saving grace of this show is the acting. Matt Dillon and Carla Gugino make it worth your while and that is quite extraordinary since they are not given that much to work with. You know there is much more to their characters but they hardly get fleshed out. We get rushed through to what makes them tick. It is clear we are supposed to care about Matt Dillon's character Ethan Burke. And how we get invested in his quest to figure out what is going on. We gladly accept it because Matt Dillon manages to be captivating even if he would play the most despicable and vile human beings. But it is the real substance and depth I miss that was present in shows like Lost and The Leftovers. If you only have one real mystery then you have to go deeper into the human psychology. Especially if you learn about what is going on. Not much is left to the imagination and it plays out in pretty predictable fashion. And for what? Like the whole show was pretty underwhelming the ending is even more so since it does make you feel like you wasted valuable time. Not that I completely disliked it. Although I was hoping for so much more. That being said I am glad that it got an ending that gives you some kind of closure. 

Do I think this is worth your time? It's only ten episodes. And if you have nothing to watch then you can go through them real fast. For the most part Wayward Pines is entertaining only don't get your hopes up about the mystery part. It's not as compelling as it could have been. I doubt you will see the big twist coming though I give it that but too bad not more is done with it. 

Review Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back (1995): Philip Rhee cooler than cool, almost Fonzie cool!

genre: martial arts, action

You simply got to love these action flicks where they are actually trying to add some real social issues in the mix to keeps thing interesting. In this case it is Tommy Lee tackling racism.

Does it give something insightful and to think about? When it comes to this topic I think you can't stress enough how awful it is to discriminate someone just because they have a different colour or ethnicity. In the end we all bleed red. However in this film of course it us used as a plot device for our character Tommy Lee to go against these racists. They aren't particularly bright so at one point it does make you wonder how they managed to get so big and organized. Tommy punches and kicks them down like it's nothing and still it doesn't register with them to give up. As they keep coming at him over and over again. But that is what makes this film so fun because of course it's the stylish fighting that is the main draw. Although something is a little different in this part. Tommy is ultra cool and suave. He has mad swagger in this one so you better recognize. I can't remember him being like that in the other films in the franchise but I happened to notice this and it was highly amusing.

Philip Rhee cooler than cool!

It does take a little while for the action to start but by now you know you can expect a certain quality from Philip Rhee and he delivers that gloriously. Now the enemies this time aren't particular skilled fighters but there are a lot of them so the fighting scenes are a little less stylish and spectacular. Don't worry though since it's a joy to watch these ignorant mofo's getting beaten to a pulp. No, I don't condone violence in real life but since this is entertainment and not real I am entitled to feel the satisfaction when these guys get pulverized by Tommy. And there are certainly some scenes where it is very much warranted. 

The villain not knowing who he is dealing with. Or he just farted.

Gina Gershon was a nice addition but at times you could tell she was uncomfortable being in B movie world. Christopher McDonald could not even act bad even if he wanted to but he was not given much to do and was a little wasted as the sheriff struggling to not cross the line. Dee Wallace Stone also appears in this one. Which also seemed something of an afterthought. But at least in the short time she had she made it clear she was very sad and embarrassed about her son joining these low life neo nazi's. 

I bet I can say goodbye to all of this if I do Showgirls

Overall Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back is an excellent action flick that delivers and never is boring. Plus you get to see Philip Rhee fighting bad guys in a clown suit. Do I need say more?   

You say I have a big nose? No, you didn't.......

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Reaction to A Man's apology (youtube)

One of the guys who has the audacity to speak on my behalf. 

Since Youtuber Chase Crouse has disabled the comments on this video (his only video I might add which is very suspect if you ask me) I felt compelled to respond to that video on here. I am not going to link or embed that video in this post since I refuse to do so out of protest. But I assume that if you came here to read this post you already have seen it.

This video caught my eye since I saw MrRepzion had made a parody on it and featured some scenes of that video and I was quite annoyed by the pretension of it all. Here MrRepzion's video BTW:

All kinds of thoughts went through me but none of them were good. Mostly I felt anger. Especially because of this sentence: 

To all the women in the world. A much needed apology on behalf of all men.

Say what? I did not get any memo, email, phone call, whatsapp or whatever about this. Shouldn't I at least be informed and give consent before a few random guys I don't even know are going to speak on my behalf? 

What and why are they doing this on behalf of all men. They might be screw ups or low lives. I am certainly not. Heavily flawed for sure. But I will only apologize if some of my actions warrant that. I am me. And I don't identify myself with any other man. I am an unique individual that has his own unique thought patterns and morality. I think I am conscious and experienced enough to know when I need to make good or compromise. An apology should come from the heart. My heart. Plus I personally only apologize to people that matter to me. Why would I need to apologize to all the women in the world? I only have contact with a few of them. 

The whole approach of this video is wrong on so many levels. The women they speak of are treated like damsels in distress or victims. Like they can't be held responsible for their own actions. That they are always innocent and good. And that they need to be protected and so on. Believe it or not, some woman can be bitches sometimes. Yes, I said it. Just as I can be an asshole or whatever curse word you can imagine. Women like men can be good and bad. Can act on their own. Can do despicable things. Can do whatever is in their means or imagination. Can have bad days and take it out on others. But no, they need to take it further and portray men as villains and perpetrators of all the bad things that has happened to women.  Are you kidding me? I try to treat every person with respect and treat them in a way I myself would like to be treated. It makes no difference for me if you are a man or woman.  Besides each woman or man like me are unique individuals. Each have their own quirks, ways and own issues. 

The woman I know don't need other people. They can handle themselves. They earn money on their own. They are strong and assertive. They are independent. They don't need your pity or apology. What they do need is someone to treat them like equals. Talking down or treating them like victims is exactly the thing that is hurtful or damaging.

Chase Crouse, if that truly is your name, never ever speak on my behalf again. I am perfectly capable of doing that on my own. If one day I would not be able to I certainly would not choose you to do so. Since you obviously have a lot to learn about men, women and life. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review Best of the Best 4: Without Warning: Excellent B movie, Philip Rhee kicks ass!

genre: martial arts, action

Underdog Kids made me want to check out all the Philip Rhee movies I have skipped on or never been able to watch properly. He has not made that many but some of them are really hard to get hold off. Luckily for me that is not the case with the films in the Best of the Best franchise. This fourth part might be different from the original. But it does exactly the things you expect from a good martial arts movie.

Who's next?
Don't bother to look for a connection between this sequel and previous movies especially the first two since the only thing they have in common is that they feature a character named Tommy Lee. And that is it. In this part Tommy Lee (Philip Rhee) plays an instructor for the police who gets tangled up with some Russian gangsters. It's pretty by the numbers crime stuff as it should be since this allows the focus to be on the action. And the action is superb. Rhee displays Taekwondo, Hapkido, a little fencing plus some cake baking. Apparently he has not mastered that last art fully but I am sure he will get the hang of it one day. The bad guys are uncomplicated and as evil and ruthless as one would like to see in a late Nineties actioner. I prefer them this way in films like these since otherwise it would be too distracting from the action and we can't have that. Plus good versus bad never gets old if kept simple.

Oh Lord, please let the next cake be better than this one!
It was nice to see the lighter side of Tobin Bell and laughing so much. I was not sure if he was capable of doing that. Now I know. His brother played by Thure Riefenstein plays the jerk part real well. The only person he is capable of being nice to is his older brother. 

Tobin Bell before Saw.......aawwww!
Then there is Ernie Hudson. He does a lot with the little screen time he has. He acts his pants off making his character as unlikable as possible. To then at the end show a different side to him. It gives this little film a little extra meat. Now Philip Rhee does have the tendency to get melodramatic in some scenes. However I always thought he did that in the proper context. It always lead to making you care about the main character more. In Without Warning it has the same effect although I must admit feels a bit uneven and clumsy. In the end who cares? It's all about the action.

Who you gonna call?
Best of the Best 4: Without Warning delivers top notch action and martial arts. They simply don't make movies like these anymore. Sure you have Seagal, van Damme and Lundgren making the same B movies over and over again but they are never of the level they used to make and certainly not up to standard of Philip Rhee. At least he has not forgotten what the fans liked the most. 

Where are my juicy fruits?